2 Weeks Out | Shredding for the Wedding

Oh boy! The days are flying by and we are officially 2 weeks out from the wedding! I’m beyond excited and a little stressed getting last minute items together. Lets just dive into how it’s all going and how I’m feeling.

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How I’m Feeling

I’m super excited and ready to marry Trey and do the damn thing! I’m currently hormonal (thanks pms) so I’m just really focussing on getting in the gym and not picking apart my weight loss during this whole wedding weight loss journey.

I’m pretty much in mental tug of war between feeling like I’m killing it and feeling like “Oh shit. I really need to push. I need to de-bloat from my period before my final dress fitting. I need to pack. I need to make sure I can de-bloat once we get to Punta Cana before the actual wedding day.” I definitely feel like the closer we get to the wedding and our travel date, the more I think about de-bloating before the wedding and being nervous I won’t fit in the dress because of my bloating. Silly? Maybe. Not sure yet, but I’ll figure it out I’m sure.

Any cravings this week?

Shredding for the wedding hasn’t been too crazy in terms of cravings this week – thank fucking god. I’m about to start my period so I’m pretty much at my most vulnerable time in terms of cravings.

Most times I’d give into some cravings. Today? No fucking way. I just spent 4 days in New Jersey, not working out like I usually do, eating around maintenance, maybe in a slight surplus (about 200-400 calories a day if anything). I’m not happy about it, but I’m also not beating myself up too much about it because I’ll clearly still fit in my wedding dress. Blame my hormones for all this hoopla.

I’m just riding out this pms week hoping to avoid any cravings. I’m also just so excited for our wedding that my brain is consumed with the wedding in 2 weeks and nothing else. There isn’t much more room in my brain pretty much.

Oh! I have been eating extra protein this week, maybe that has helped? Also, I’ve been drinking a shit ton of tea because I thought I was getting sick (itchy throat), so the liquids definitely help.

If you’re a little more curious about what food I have around the house, check out my grocery hauls on youtube here!

Still feeling motivated for the gym?

Some days yes, some days no. I’m really relying on rest days from the gym for a mini-recharge of motivation to go back. I literally have to keep telling myself during a majority of my workouts “This is going to be a good workout” even if I feel like I want to cut the workout short. It has actually been helping me push through this last week, so there’s that.

My body is definitely sore, but with 2 rest days spread out during the week it really helps. It’s a night and day difference when I take a rest day because my gym motivation comes back and my body isn’t sore. I should probably workout 2 days on, 1 day off, but I can’t do that yet. My OCD brain is telling me I have to keep working out 5 days a week with 2 spaced out rest days.


I’ve enjoyed this process of shredding for the wedding and documenting it here and there. Losing weight is never easy, but it has definitely been easier since I usually eat super healthy anyway.

I admit that I’m grateful for the fact that I don’t eat junk food (and haven’t for years…maybe on a rare occasion, but not really). So it’s not like I had a huge diet change. I started out having cheat days once a week, then changed it to cheat meals once a week. Eventually I changed it to be cheat meals every 2 weeks, and changed it again to be once a month. I actually went a few months without any cheat meals at all!

That’s definitely a positive to eating healthy for all these years though. I’d imagine more people struggle with sudden diet changes, but for me I always eat healthy and my approach to cheat meals was gradual. Plus, a major key/positive aspect for me was that my body just stopped craving shitty food on its own. From eating so healthy and consistent all these years, and dialing it in for this wedding weight loss – the junk food cravings just never came. Not even during pms or period week.

Honestly, the most I crave is sushi! It’s not even unhealthy or junk food! Although, sushi is a pricey craving to have haha!

Anyway, I’m beyond proud of myself and what I accomplished and I’ll definitely be doing a mini cut once I’m back from the honeymoon!

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