3 Reasons NOT to Freak Out After

3 Reasons NOT to Freak Out After Binge Eating

First off, I think I should make it clear binge eating can look like many things. It can be hopping in your car and going through 3 different drive-throughs because you have 1 craving or because you feel like you deserve it. It can be ordering a whole pizza and finishing it (or most of it) by yourself. It can be pounding back chocolate until you’re sick. It can take on many forms, but just because you might indulge does not mean you have a binge eating disorder. So calm your tits if that’s what you think.

Anyway, here are some helpful reasons you should not freak out after binge eating or indulging:

  1. You will not ruin your progress. You might have heavy weigh-ins the next day or two, so what? I recently ate a ton of food and thought I might’ve slowed my progress. Guess what? I just hit a brand new low weigh-in! 131.0 pounds, but two days ago I weighed 136lbs after eating pizza, cake, gelato, chips, cheesy bread, and so much more.
  2. This does not mean you should eat like shit the rest of the week.  Just because you have one bad day of eating does not mean you should go bat-shit crazy and eat off your macros or diet for the whole week! If you are really feeling tempted or not happy on your diet, maybe you should re-evaluate things instead of binge eating. You could bump your macros up to maintenance calories for the week so you can eat some extra food, or change your deficit so instead of a 500 calorie deficit, maybe be in a 200 calorie deficit. I do this all the time around my period – it works great for me!
  3. You don’t need to punish yourself with cardio. I know the next day you might feel like shit, you might weigh yourself and think “Fuuuuuckkk.” Refer to point #1 if you feel any of those things. You should be happy though because with all the extra calories and energy in your body you should have an awesome workout! This doesn’t mean you should kill yourself in your workout, but it should feel great. Maybe you’ll hit a new personal record, maybe you’ll just feel good after working out, or maybe the workout will just feel a little easier! Just don’t punish yourself with extra cardio, you’ll only feel worse.

These are probably simple reasons, but even I forget them on occasion. Macros, eating healthy, and working out is fun and all – but there is no reason to freak out if you have a binge eating type of day. I wouldn’t suggest doing more than a day, but hey – maybe your body can handle it.

Either way, just try to keep healthy foods stocked in your kitchen, and maybe some prepped meals or snacks. I always found that having healthy food keeps me on track more than anything. You shouldn’t deprive yourself to the point where you feel like you need a crazy cheat meal or cheat day.

If you need some healthy grocery ideas, I have a few videos you can watch on youtube – just click here for my most recent video!

3 Reasons NOT to Freak Out After
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