3 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

How many people decide to lose weight or be healthier this year? A bunch.

How many people are sticking to a healthier way of eating and working out? Not many, it’s February so that means around 80% of people have already failed their resolution (according to this article).

Lets talk about the few of you who are still sticking to your goals and any problems you might be having with your health and fitness goals this week. Below are the 3 reasons you’re not losing weight.

  1. You’re not being accurate

What do you mean?! I track my food! I eat clean! Calm down, crazy. Do you track the little bites of foods you try? Do you take an extra few bites or sips? Do you mindlessly pass by a candy jar and take a few pieces? All the little things add up eventually, especially if you are having bites of fried foods, having a scoop of nuts, or taking sips of sugary drinks.

Even if you eat clean, you can over eat! If you cook with coconut oil, it still has calories! Just keep an eye on what you’re really eating.

2. You’re not eating enough

I don’t want to rant about “starvation mode” because there are some scientific studies that suggest it’s not a real thing.

Regardless, what I mean by you’re not eating enough is that you over-eat on weekends or on a cheat day because you feel deprived. You might feel deprived physically and always hungry, or you feel deprived mentally from telling yourself you “can’t” eat certain foods. (If you need food ideas check out my grocery hauls here).

The point is – eat enough food and make sure you enjoy what you eat. It will make reaching your health and fitness goals SO much easier.

3. Drink your water

Try having a glass of water or tea before a meal. Truth is, you might have just been thirsty instead of hungry. It’s nothing crazy, but it’s worth it to make it a habit to have enough water throughout the day.

If you want some more reasons, check out this video here!

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