3 Things Nobody Wants To Hear When They Lose Weight

1. Why are you losing weight? You look fine.

Thanks, I think? I know people intend for this to be a compliment, but it’s just so strange. I’ve been told this and all I say back is “Thanks, I just know where I want to be and I’m not there yet in terms of my weight.”

It’s not meant to be bitchy, but how about you just acknowledge that I lost weight and say “good job”? No need to tell me what I should do.

2. Don’t lose any more weight! Nobody likes a thin girl with no meat on her bones.

I don’t want to date someone who doesn’t love me for me. Plus, luckily my boyfriend is supportive of me losing weight or maintaining – he just goes with the flow (love you babe)!

And why is the image of beauty based on your views? Why can’t it be about how I feel and what I think looks best for me. Is that such a hard concept? Besides, I have plenty of “meat” to lose! I’m no where near under-weight, so just let me do me.

3. I didn’t think you had to lose weight!

Well, you didn’t have an apparent opinion about my weight before, but now that I lost weight you have an opinion? Weird.

And since when did you become a doctor? If I choose to lose more weight, it’s probably for my health – I’m not trying to lose weight and be unhealthy!

The point?

The point of this post is to just compliment someone on losing weight. There is literally no need to impose a view of what you think someone should do on their weight loss adventure. I’d understand if they’re starting to look sickly, but other than that – just let them live.

Have you ever heard these strange “compliments”?

Pinning this would mean the WORLD to me!
Pinning this would mean the WORLD to me!

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