5 Things Nobody Tells You About PRK Eye Surgery

Maybe you’re looking into getting PRK eye surgery to correct your vision, or maybe Lasik or Smile. I felt the need to give you an insight about PRK since my fiancĂ© just had PRK eye surgery on Thursday (it’s now Tuesday as I write this).

A few things to take into consideration is that he never wore contacts before, and never had any eye accident or surgery. He just had bad vision and wore glasses all his life.

1. Discomfort could mean extreme pain

Surgery day and Day 1 post operation: PAIN. Stabbing pain in his eyes. The pain woke Trey up whenever he was napping or asleep in general. Trey was told to take pain medicines if needed and they did nothing for him. He was not prescribed any pain medicine to take that was stronger other than valium that was given to him before the PRK eye surgery and 1 more pill after PRK eye surgery. The pills were extremely low dosages so they were just for Trey to be calm and get some sleep.

He slept for about 3 hours before he woke up from tons of pain. I gave him a soft ice pack and it barely helped, but he woke up every hour the night after PRK eye surgery. He was shaking in pain and nothing was helping.

2. Your doctor could give you pain drops

Day 1 post operation Trey had a follow up appointment at 10:50 in the morning, but we had to go earlier. I called the office at 7:30AM because Trey was still in excruciating pain and he said the pain was relentless. They said I could bring him in immediately, so by 8:15AM we were in the office and they immediately took us into a room to check his eyes.

Turns out, everything was healing fine but he was experiencing an intense amount of pain because he never wore contacts before so he essentially had 2 layers of irritation going on in his eyes. The PRK eye surgery was healing and his eyes pretty much felt like there was a foreign object in his eyes (because they had the contact bandages in) so his eyes were freaking out.

Nobody warned us that it would be a hell of a lot more painful for Trey because he never wore contacts before! They always just called it “discomfort.” I’d argue when you’re waking up with stabbing pain that is relentless, it’s pain – not discomfort. Be aware.

Thank god they gave Trey “comfort” drops, which is a mixture of lubricant tears and numbing drops. They relieved the pain for Trey for about an hour at a time, but it was a world of a difference for him. Make sure to ask your doctor about the drops if you’ve never worn contacts before!

3. You will be sensitive to light After PRK Eye Surgery

For Trey, after the PRK surgery he was sensitive to light for after the surgery and about 2 days after surgery. He was a little sensitive on the 3rd day after surgery when it came to the sun, but indoor lights didn’t bother him as much.

Trey specifically said on the 3rd and 4th day after his PRK eye surgery his eyes were sensitive to car lights when we drove at night. He said they had halos and completely lit up the entire windshield. Just for reference we drive little SUVs, so we don’t drive cars that are low to the ground where all car lights bother us. So Trey had to close his eyes for the whole 2.5 hour drive from Jersey to Pennsylvania.

4. Trying to focus on objects will not be ideal

Trey said if he tried to focus on something it would hurt or make him feel like he was getting nauseous. So even though you want to see, just keep your eyes swiveling or looking down because you’ll just make yourself feel worse if you keep trying to force your eyes to focus when they just can’t (because they’re recovering from your PRK eye surgery).

5. You won’t be able to do your usual activities

Our doctor said Trey would be able to possibly workout the day after surgery or 2 days after. No way. Trey was in a ton of pain and he felt useless because he just had to lay or sit in a dark room with ice packs and his eye drops. Maybe some people get lucky and their recovery process is easier – but poor Trey had it rough.

So even if your doctor says you’ll be able to workout (as long as it’s not a dirty environment), just plan to be in bed or on a couch in the dark for 2 days.

At the end of it all

In conclusion, it’s now Tuesday and Trey is back to work and drove himself! It definitely was way tougher than we expected the day of PRK eye surgery and following day, so prepare for those first 2 days to be horrible at the least. Hopefully this gives you some insight about the whole PRK surgery recovery process and what to expect!

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3 thoughts on “5 Things Nobody Tells You About PRK Eye Surgery

    1. You’re welcome! OMG YES!! His vision is perfect now, but the doctor did say it wouldn’t be perfect the first week but it would get better throughout the weeks/months (now it has been a little over 2 months and his vision is perfect). Although, now he seems to have dry eyes, he uses eye drops a few times a day. Maybe 4-5 times a day? Other than that everything is perfect, and he said it’s the best decision he made even though the first few days of recovery were hell.

      1. Oh Trey clarified, he only has dry eyes in the morning but he uses the lubricating drops bc the eye surgeon told him it’ll be helpful in the long run to keep his eyes lubricated!

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