8 Things Nobody Tells You About Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

I literally JUST had my wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago, and there are tons of things nobody tells you about getting your wisdom teeth removed. It’s crazy! I’ll try to keep this short, sweet, and not too graphic.

1. You will have holes in your gums for weeks!

Everything I read online mentioned being able to eat soft foods for 48-72 hours and then eating like normal. That’s a damn lie.

You will have pain for more than 3 days after your surgery, for me it has been enough pain to still take the 600mg ibuprofen pills they gave me.

There are also holes in your gums (obviously), but they stick around for 1-2 weeks, which means you can’t have fries, seeds, or anything that’ll dive-bomb into your gums and hurt like a bitch. Not to mention, you’ll be rinsing out your gum holes with salt water to prevent infection! My advice? Stick to soft foods, the less chewing – the better.

Over one month post wisdom teeth removal, and I still have holes – it’s just annoying at this point.

2. Everything will be healed in a week or 2 – LIES!

Nope. Your gums will heal within a week or 2, but it takes 6 months or so for your jaw bone to grow where those wisdom teeth were. Don’t panic! It’ll feel normal before 6 months, but it’s because the gum tissue will grow thick enough over the holes.

I’m 1 month and 4 days post-surgery and I still have gum holes. I still have to clean them out, but I don’t even notice they’re there – but it’s one hell of an inconvenience.

3. Your face will swell up like a balloon.

Not only will your face become swollen after your wisdom teeth are removed, but it’ll continue to get more swollen up to the 3rd day! So, don’t make any plans for the 3rd day post-wisdom teeth removal because you will definitely be looking your worst. At least I was!

4. Sensitivity? Hell yeah.

Your nerves are exposed! So those gum holes are going to be extra sensitive to temperature. I did a salt rinse with room temperature water and it hit the nerves and that shock of cold stayed with me for 30-ish minutes after it happened! It sucks – stick to warm (not hot) liquids.

5. Chew pasta/anything in the front of your mouth.

Everyone talked about being able to eat mac and cheese 24 hours after surgery because it’s soft. Be careful.

Sure, it sounds delicious and easy to eat, right? Well make sure you only eat 2 pieces at a time because you can only really chew with your front teeth! I got a piece of pasta stuck in the hole and the amount of salt-water rinsing I had to do was RIDICULOUS! Learn from my mistake.

6. Keep your apple sauce at room temperature.

This kind of goes in hand with #4, but some people like putting apple sauce in the refrigerator. If it’s a big opened container, of course it has to go in the fridge – but if you buy the single serve apple sauces, you’re better off keeping them at room temperature so you’re gum holes don’t freak out.

7. Not using a straw is no big deal!

You should probably/hopefully already know that you can’t use a straw to drink anything because it can dislodge the blog clot and give you dry socket. Well, you also can’t spit, slurp, or make any suction type of mouth movement.

Who cares? Well, good luck drinking soup without using any form of suction! You might just have to tilt your head back and hail-mary the soup into your mouth, that’s what I did.

8. Don’t procrastinate

I know my little sister only had 2 wisdom teeth removed at one time, so she has to go back for the other 2. I’d advise not doing that. I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed and I’m happy about it (even though I think the surgery is complete horse-shit). I would HATE to go through this more than once.

All in all, I hate this surgery and recovering from it. I didn’t get dry socket, and maybe I technically had an easier recovery than most people, but it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t eat without potentially getting food stuck in the holes and needing to flush out my mouth with salt water more than 3 times a day.

There are obviously other things that go along with this surgery that your oral surgeon should tell you, but I wanted to let you know all the things your oral surgeon, friends, internet, and family won’t tell you.

Just look forward to lots of mashed potatoes and mashed cauliflower! You can get through this, plenty of other people have done it!

8 Things nobody tells you about wisdom teeth removal surgery!
8 Things nobody tells you about wisdom teeth removal surgery!

9 thoughts on “8 Things Nobody Tells You About Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

  1. This was the best damn read.

    Very blunt with the same amount of generous humour.

    From someone having all 4 wisdom teeth removed next week;
    thank you.

    1. Awww good!! I’m glad it gave you some entertainment (considering the subject sucks haha) good luck on your wisdom teeth removal!! Just be prepared with all the soft/mushy foods and tons of liquids!! Now that I think about it, those “Naked” brand smoothies would be DELICIOUS during recovery!

  2. I just had all 4 of mine done last friday. So it’s been 5 days and this has been a good read my only add is that I had a pain killer given to me and they didnt warn me about the side effects of migraines and nausea which i already deal with and i eaded up having to go to the ER bc i couldn’t stop throwing up and had a killer migraine. They gave me meds to help there and sent me home with some to help with the nausea which I am very grateful for its helping alot I switched off the pain killer (hydrocodone btw) and onto tylenol every 4 hours doesnt help alot but takes the edge off. So I guess it could be worse I could have gotten dry socket. Glad I didn’t. Anyway that’s my story so far.

  3. Not everyone has the same experience. I had my left lower wisdom tooth removed. I was nervous because of horror stories I’d heard. My oral surgeon was wonderful and told me to relax and allow myself to have my own experience…don’t just rely on the experience of others. She was right. The tooth extraction was no different than others I’d had…My face didn’t swell up. I have a hole at the extraction site, but who doesn’t after a tooth is removed – and the root. Today is a month after the extraction. I feel a little puffiness around the extraction site. Not certain if that’s because gum is growing over the hole, which is extremely smaller. I’ll be calling the oral surgeon to find out.

    Take my oral surgeon’s advice. Relax, don’t just rely on the horror stories of others. The extraction site will be sensitive, tooth extraction is surgery. Don’t sip through a straw for a few days – you’ll live if you don’t. Breathe.

    1. Yup! I was writing about my experience, yours sounds different than mine! good for you! I do think it’s better to hear all stories, negative, positive, and neutral! My oral surgeon was great, but I’ve never had a tooth extraction before, anyway. Also – you’re lucky your face didn’t swell. You’re like a unicorn!

  4. Honestly? I had my wisdom teeth removed two days ago. I guess the dentist was just really good at his job because I haven’t had any pain at all.

    I read everywhere online that I was going to be in a lot of pain and that I’d be dealing with this and that – I feel fine. I read online that the crux of pain is six hours after the surgery. None then. None now. Just feels a little weird to have these huge holes in my mouth.

    Maybe I’m lucky? I’m having another pulled on the left side in August since I wanted to leave one side of my jaw there so I could keep eating.

  5. Thank you for this!!! It is so accurate and has made me feel so much better.

    I had my wisdom teeth out 7 days ago. I was expecting it to suck afterward, the pain, soft foods only, etc, even though my best friend claims she was eating pizza the day after her procedure. I had an oral surgery to bring in my canine teeth when I was like 11, I remember it sucking. But, I was not expecting it to be this bad.

    Now I ended up with two dry sockets despite being extremely careful, so that has definitely been the worst part. I had to go back in and they had to pack the sockets with medicated strips. The pain was by far worse than anything I have experienced, so bad that it was terrifying. I usually can’t take opioids, they make me nauseated, but the oxycodone was the only thing that made it bearable. Ibuprofen didn’t make any difference. And as soon as the oxy started to wear off the pain came back. I would wake up in the middle of the night and it was so bad I would just pray for it to stop and I’m NOT religious! I have never even gone to church. I know this sounds dramatic but it was just so bad.

    But anyway, now the pain is finally getting better after 7 days. I’m still sore. I can still tell I had teeth removed but it’s manageable with ibuprofen. Such a relief.

    However, I still can’t eat anything but soft foods and even that hurts. And yes. The holes. These I was not expecting at all. They are huge and deep. Everything gets caught in them and they are very difficult to flush out. Hearing from your post that they’re going to be around for awhile, not 1-2 weeks like everything on Google says is so depressing. Even when they stop hurting it’s still just so gross. But I’m glad I know now.

    I understand not everyone has the same experience. Everyone’s different. I just wish I would have read this before.

    Any updates on how your feeling would be great!

  6. I think this is a money-making scheme that dentists promote to a gullible public.
    It is clearly one of life’s most miserable experiences, which I wouldnt impose on young
    children without serious cause. I have not had my wisdom teeth removed and I am 81 years old.

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