Biore Rose Quartz & Charcoal Cleanser

Image result for biore rose quartz cleanserFirst off, I luckily was sent this cleanser to test out for free thanks to Influenster! Now that the disclosure is out of the way, time for the review!

This cleanser surprised me in both positive and negative ways. It definitely cleans my skin and makes it feel a little dry, but nothing moisturizer can’t fix! It definitely gets off all my makeup, and sometimes I noticed I would have to use some makeup remover on my eyes, but not much.

The only thing that threw me for a loop was the menthol/minty feeling this cleanser gave me. It was oddly refreshing, but I also wasn’t sure if I liked it around my eyes. Imagine putting Vick’s vapor rub under your eyes – thats what it felt like. It didn’t hurt, but it sure did wake me up. I’d honestly prefer a cleanser that doesn’t do that, but I didn’t mind much because this cleanser did a good job at taking off my makeup.

I find the menthol in my cleansers usually makes me try to avoid using it around my eyes too often because it makes my eyes feel like they’re stinging. I also remember feeling like that about the Biore charcoal cleanser, it would dry my skin out more than the rose quartz cleanser, but made my eyes sting more than the rose quartz cleanser.

Image result for biore charcoalI have pretty normal skin and it used to be oily. When my skin was oily I used to love the charcoal cleanser because it stripped all the oils off my skin. Then I realized stripping all the oils off your skin is not a good thing! So I’m extra aware of cleansers that make my face feel tight, a little dry, and generally stripped.

That doesn’t mean these cleansers aren’t good! It just means you most likely should use a good moisturizer (like the Dr. Brandt sleeping mask I raved about here) after cleansing with these. They are not my go-to cleansers, but they definitely take off makeup and work well!

If you’re in the market for a cleanser that takes off makeup easily, and if you have normal, combination, or oily skin – you should give this a shot!

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