Dose of Colors x iluvsarahii Review & Swatches

If you’re familiar with makeup gurus on youtube, then you probably heard of iluvsarahii (her real name is Karen). She collaborated with Dose of Colors to create some stunning items! An eyeshadow palette, 5 lip items, and 2 highlighters. (Before I dive into this review, if you prefer a video review – I posted one on my youtube here).

I hoard a ton of makeup, so I was conservative when I placed my order of the iluvsarahii x Dose of Colors collaboration. I only ordered Nude Chica ($18 matte nude liquid lipstick) and Barely There ($17 nude gloss). Here are some swatches just to see how the products look on my skin tone. Just for reference, I have pale skin – I wear Mac NC15 most of the year, or Mac NC20 when I get a tan.

Nude Chica – $18, matte liquid lipstick

This liquid lip is silky when you put it on and weightless. After about a minute, it dries down so it is fully matte and it had the slightest tacky feeling, but it was not bad at all! My hair didn’t stick to it if it touched my lips, so that’s awesome! It also dries down a little darker, but it is a gorgeous pinky-nude on my skin tone. Although, on my hand it swatched a little pinky-mauve, but on my lips it looked pinky-slightly brown once it dried down. It is definitely a necessity in your makeup collection if you don’t already have a ton of nude liquid lips! I usually feel like most nude liquid lips are brown, so I was super excited that Nude Chica was a little pinky instead of just brown!

Barely There – $17 Nude Lip Gloss

This gloss is the perfect balance of opacity and thickness! Usually, glosses are either too thin, so they barely have any color payoff – or they are too thick and they feel sticky and just cover up anything under the gloss!

Karen (iluvsarahii) and Dose of Colors completely NAILED this lip gloss! It is a peachy nude, and when I wear it alone it covers about 60-70% of my natural lip color, but it doesn’t mute out my lips fully. I absolutely loved how it looked layered on top of Nude Chica – it is the perfect combination! The peach color from the gloss perfectly plays off the pinky-brown, and somewhat neutralizes the slight brown undertones! So it lightens Nude Chica just enough to make it a pinky-peach nude on my lips!

Luckily, since the gloss is not super thick and sticky, it’s extremely comfortable to wear. It just feels like freshly applied lip balm! Your hair might get a little stuck in it if you pile it on, but what gloss doesn’t stick to hair?

Regardless, I’d say this collaboration was perfect! I highly suggest checking out the lip products if you don’t want to buy the whole collection, or if you just aren’t into the rest of the items. The nudes definitely scream iluvsarahii, if you’ve watched her makeup tutorials.

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