Life Changing Skin Care That Cured My Cracked Lips & Skin

So with all this hand washing, hand sanitizing, and cleaning all around the house – lets talk about some skincare products that are natural, moisturizing, and homemade! Let me just say, I have a few things I want to rave about today that I have been using since Valentine’s Day! I know.. it’s May, but after months of using these products I can 110% rave about each and every one of them!

Trey (my husband) bought me a whole gift bag from Kimberly’s Kreations for Valentine’s Day since he knows I love good skincare products that actually moisturize my skin. They don’t leave a weird film or make your skin dependent on the products. Trey knew it was a great idea when he tried out some lip balm from Kimberly’s Kreations. So that’s where I’ll start, because it’s probably hands down the most life-changing product for me. Dramatic? Fuck no. I mean it when I say it has been life changing for me. 

Lip Balm: $5 per tube

I used to always use lip balms and typically I reached for Chapstick because it’s a big brand, right? Eh, not the best though. I noticed when I used Chapstick brand products my lips would feel decent for a little bit, but my lips never truly felt moisturized. It felt like there was just a layer of stuff on my lips, and once that layer of crap dried down – my lips were back to feeling dry. It was so frustrating because nothing was working!! I wanted something moisturizing for my lips, but every product would only feel moisturizing for an hour or so – and then my lips would feel dry again. Which made me keep applying product, but it never fixed my dry, cracking lips. I have a bad habit of picking at the dry, dead skin on my lips, to the point that sometimes they bleed – which is why I really need moisturizing lip products. Now onto the good stuff from Kimberly’s Kreations.

Trey insisted that I try out Kim’s lip balm first, so I did. It felt moisturizing, but not waxy (like chapstick). It felt oily and slick (which is a good thing, that’s how you know she uses quality products and doesn’t use wax as a filler product)! I waited a few hours and my lips never felt dry. My lips never felt like product dried down on them, they just felt perfectly moisturized! The lip balm fully soaked into my lips and never felt grossly oily, the slick feeling went away quickly because my lips soaked up all the moisturizing-goodness quick!

If you’re curious Kim uses a mixture of beeswax, mango butter, shea butter, vitamin E, and some other ingredients! But these ingredients are the hard-hitting moisturizers that keep my lips feeling amazing. She also has a bunch of scent options, but I’ll cover that later on in the post!

Regardless, I can’t stress enough how much this lip balm has been a game changer for me and Trey! We both have used up full tubes of this lip balm – and I refuse to share with Trey because I love this lip balm so fucking much.

Body Sugar Scrub & Whipped Body Sugar Scrub: $5-15

Left: Whipped Sugar Body Scrub Right: Regular Sugar Body Scrub

Part of the gift bag Trey gave me for Valentine’s Day also had a sugar scrub and a whipped body scrub – which is amazing because I usually buy scrubs at different stores (especially when I’m self tanning I use scrubs even more often).

Kim offers 2 types of body scrubs in multiple sizes: regular and whipped. Whats the difference? In Kim’s whipped sugar scrub she uses either shea butter, cocoa butter, or mango butter, which is why it looks creamy and.. whipped! Both options are moisturizing, but I’d say the whipped version is definitely way more moisturizing. I mean.. duh. Kim uses more ingredients that are butters in the whipped version!

One thing that is constant in both types of body scrubs is the fact that Kim uses vitamin E in them! In case you were wondering “What the heck is vitamin E good for?” I’ll tell you!

Vitamin E can be super useful for a range of skin problems and repair. Vitamin E helps repair sun damage, scars, burns, air pollution, and protects the skin from further damage. Vitamin E protects the skin by moisturizing and healing the skin which helps strengthen your skin – which is your barrier to the world. It’s even an anti-inflammatory so it helps soothe and calm the skin while working to repair it. (Read more about Vitamin E benefits here) 

Hand Sanitizer: $4-7

Crazy times are upon us right now and hand sanitizer is definitely hard to

2 ounces = $4
5 ounces = $7

find. Kim makes hand sanitizer (that actually works) that doesn’t leave your hands cracked, dry, and unhappy. Nobody truly wants dry, cracked hands – so what if I told you that this hand sanitizer kills germs and keeps your hands feeling hydrated?

Kim’s hand sanitizer has 91% alcohol (the strong stuff), aloe vera (which is amazing for your skin – it hydrates and soothes skin), and vitamin E. If that’s not enough, Kim also has the ability to add her homemade lotion into it for extra hydrating and soothing skin benefits. So you get a moisturizing hand sanitizer with quality products? Yes, please.

What I’m saying is that your hands will be happy you made the switch – especially since you’re probably using hand sanitizer more often right now.

Body Butter: $5-15

3 sizes, $5 small, $10 medium, $15 large

Ugh. Kim’s body butter is another product I use every day! I even share it with Trey – mainly because there is so much product even in the small

Here are the 3 sizes of body butters!

container (which is what I have)! Mine smells like cherries and I can’t get enough, also – I feel the need to clarify – it doesn’t smell like a nasty, medicinal cherry scent. It smells delicious, fruity, and bright – everything cherries actually smell like.

Onto the things I’m sure you’re interested in about the body butter, Kim sells them in 3 sizes (small, medium, large) for $5, $10, $15, respectively. She definitely loads them up with the skincare goodies, too!

That’s something I love about Kim’s products – she doesn’t skimp out on the quality ingredients that are actually good for your skin! Her body butters have mango butter, shea butter, vitamin E, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil! With these ingredients, her body butters are so damn moisturizing!!

I use her body butter on my legs, feet, elbows, hands, and arms every night. Trey uses it every night on his hands, arms, and elbows every night, too – and Trey has sensitive, combination skin, but his hands are always super dry and cracked. Applying the body butter is our nightly routine! The texture reminds me of the lip balm hear me out about this.

The body butter is solid in the jar, but the second it hits your hand, your body heat melts it. Then it feels oily and slick, but not in a weird artificial way. It literally soaks into my skin within minutes, just like the lip balm! It truly feels like it moisturizes my skin and helps my skin be its best. I noticed store-bought moisturizers usually feel like they dry down and make a film on my skin, but they don’t truly moisturize my skin. Kim’s body butter is different. It makes my skin feel hydrated, smell amazing, and no weird film left over! It also doesn’t take forever to soak into my skin!


Ok, so I said I’d talk about scents Kim offers – so here we go!

There are over 50 scents for you to choose from! Yes, over 50 fragrance options for all her products! That’s insane. It’s so many!! So instead of listing them all, I asked Kim to tell me her best sellers:

  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Butt Naked
  • Bite Me
  • Monkey Farts
  • Vanilla Lavender
  • Black Cherry
  • Birthday Cake
  • Patchouli
  • Mulberry
  • Eucalyptus
  • Egyptian Musk

On top of the 50+ scents Kim offers, she offers aromatherapy scents, too! Think stress-relief, relaxing, invigorating scents!

What I’m trying to say is…

Here are some pictures of the gifts Kim offers! She seriously goes the extra mile!

I think Trey killed it with my Valentine’s Day gift! I’m so happy I finally found products that actually moisturize and improve my skin and lips! The store-bought products are so frustrating because they don’t help your skin, they just make your skin dependent on the products. Kim’s products actually work with your skin! I couldn’t rave about all these products and Kimberly’s Kreations enough! I highly suggest you give her business a look and try out some products. She frequently ships her products all around the United States!

**While Trey bought the Valentine’s Day gift bag, this post is in conjunction with Kimberly’s Kreations. All opinions are my own, honest opinions, thoughts, and feelings!** 

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