SheIn White Dresses Haul/Review

I’ve been ordering from SheIn for months now. My first order was placed October 2018, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

Quick tips:

1. Always use Rakuten for cash back

Use Rakuten to get 6% cash back on your SheIn orders!! Thank me later! SheIn is super affordable and high quality, but it’s so easy to have a $250 cart since all the clothes are super cute and they have accessories, makeup, and house things.

2. Check the size measurements

Something to note for SheIn is that you always have to check the size chart for every item and have your measurements handy so you can compare and get your best size.

Some items I’m an extra small, and others I’m an extra large! So the clothing sizes aren’t consistent at all, there are even items that I can’t fit into that are extra smalls! So you have to just check all the measurements before ordering.

Onto my haul!

I’ve recorded my first two SheIn hauls for youtube below:

I plan on filming a massive haul of my last 3 orders, which would be around 34 items ordered, but for now – here is my most recent haul.

I’m 4 months and 3 weeks out from my dream wedding to my fiancé (Trevian). I started ordering white dresses since we are having a destination wedding and we’ll be in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for about 2 weeks.

My measurements are:

  • Height: 5’2-5’3/about 62-63 inches
  • Shoulders 15″
  • Bust 33″
  • Waist 27″
  • Hips 37

This most recent haul included 14 items, and 8 of them were white dresses! So lets just get rolling!

  1. Open Back Halter Guipure Lace Dress – this dress is my favorite out of all the dresses! The only issue with this dress is that I need a little alteration because the keyhole in the back doesn’t sit fully flush against my back – but that’s a simple alteration.
  2. Simplee High Low Hem Deep V Neck Slip Dress – this dress is a cute high-low dress and it has thick padding in the chest area!! I don’t have huge boobs, but the fact that it was padding is awesome for most women! 
  3. SHEIN Lace Overlay Bodycon Dress – This dress is super cute and form fitting. The lace and under-slip are sewn together so nothing rides up, but it’s definitely a little short on my butt, but I can still wear it – I just have to be a little aware. 

  4. Scalloped Hem Guipure Lace Bodycon Dress – I love this style (similar to the one above) where there are slips underneath with lace overlays! This dress feels a little longer than the previous one I mentioned so I like that. I love that the chest area under slip has a sweetheart neckline, too. 
  5. M-Slit Knot Back Surplice Palm Print Dress – Surprise, surprise, I actually got this dress in the navy blue color first and wore it to a wedding. I loved it so I ordered it in white for my wedding/honeymoon! 
  6. Joyfunear Split Surplice Sequin Belted Dress – I got this dress to wear for a wedding later on this year. It’s over-the-top, extra, all sorts of shiny and I’m in love with it! I’m struggling with the dress because I have to get length cut off, but the dress literally goes on like a robe. Only 2 snap-on buttons hold the dress closed and in place. So I’m hoping my seamstress can just add 2 more buttons since the slit on my leg is right at my vagina. The chest area is a little loose on me since I don’t fill it out, but adding an extra button to the chest would help that, too! Crossing my fingers that my seamstress can add 2 similar snap-on buttons and trim the length off. 

  7. Joyfunear M-Slit Front Floral Lace Applique Cami Dress – This dress is super flowy and feels so soft and beautiful. There is no padding in the boob area, but that’s fine with me. It is super long on me (which is normal since I’m only 5’2-5’3), so I’ll need some length taken off. Although, the material will be super easy for my seamstress to take off some length since it’s flowy and light.

  8. SHEIN Zip Back Guipure Lace Bustier Slip Dress – This dress is another that is a little short in the back for the under-slip part, but I love that it’s a v-neck on the chest. It’s a little different from the other white lace dresses – maybe I’m just justifying all these white dresses. 

SheIn Returns & Final Thoughts

I’ve previously returned 3 items to SheIn which were totally my fault. I didn’t check the measurements so the shorts I returned were a little big and too long, and the skirt was way too short. Returns with SheIn are super easy, free, and painless. I just clicked what items I was returning from my order page, printed a label, stuffed it back in the bag it came in and shipped it!

Overall, I’m a huge fan of SheIn! They have TONS of clothing with new items daily. Plus, they have everything from super trendy to classy and timeless. I’ve ordered 8 pairs of shoes from them and loved them all. I have open toe heels, close-toed heels, high heels, baby heels, flip flops, sandals, and booties. I’ve never been disappointed by any items. 

Some items can be sheer, but you can tell on the website, and plenty of people review their items with pictures. But, generally, white/light dresses and shorts/skirts made out of a majority polyester have been sheer. It doesn’t bother me though because I can through on a beige/nude slip underneathl. Putting on a slip allows me to wear any underwear and not have it be seen through the dress. 

If you’re in the market for some cute items, I’d give them a shot. Shipping takes between 4-10 days for me, and I’m in Pennsylvania. SheIn ships mainly from China but, you choose express shipping or regular. If you choose express, you’ll have your items in about 4 days, but if you choose regular shipping you can expect them in about a week.  

I can’t really find a downfall to SheIn since all my experiences have been awesome – as long as I’ve remembered to check the sizing charts! They’re worth a shot regardless, since they offer free returns! 

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