Shredding for the Wedding Update | 11 Weeks out

I should do better about weekly or biweekly shredding for the wedding updates about how I’m doing, how my workouts are going, and my nutrition. So here we go!

We’re officially less than 80 days away, which is about 11 weeks away from our wedding! It’s super exciting and also crunch time. Well, I’ve been focussed since Trey and I got engaged, but 11 weeks away means it’s time to be extra-focussed.

How I’m doing

Overall this week, I’m doing well. I had my first wedding dress alteration appointment on Sunday and it went great! I was scared the seamstress would say I lost too much weight and wouldn’t be able to alter the dress! Dramatic of me to think that, I know. I felt bloated Monday and Tuesday since we ate off macros the rest of Sunday and Monday. I didn’t feel guilty about it, though.

By Wednesday the bloat was 80% gone and I was back in the gym and on my macros. It was cool to see the bloat fall off and it doesn’t bother me when I get bloated or have a cheat weekend. I didn’t eat to the point of being so full that I felt sick, I only ate to the point of being full/no longer hungry/satiated. If anything, I didn’t even think about food and eating while we were in New Jersey. I just enjoyed the food I had, but I didn’t feel the need to go crazy.

Workouts of Death

I’m still doing my usual lower, upper split when it comes to lifting – which I enjoy! I typically lift 5 days a week and I might do cardio once a week. MIGHT. It’s not stressful to me and I enjoy going to the gym, but sometimes I don’t feel the motivation and that’s when discipline sets in and I go anyway. I only skipped the gym on Tuesday this week, but usually the day after getting back from New Jersey is my day to catch up. I have to get back into my routine, get things done that I would’ve normally done on Sunday or Monday, and just knockout my to-do list.

The deathly parts of my workouts is always leg day. Plus, hitting legs 3 times a week is rough. Even though I’m pretty sore from leg days and I sweat through my hat on leg days, I love the bittersweet feeling of dying and thriving on leg day and after when I’m sore as fuck.

Don’t be fooled, upper days are rough, too. This week my upper days felt heavy on my dumbbell shoulder presses and dumbbell bicep curls. I usually shoulder press 17.5 pounds for 3 sets of 10 and I superset those with bicep curls (17.5 pounds for 3 sets of 10, too).

This week, both my upper days felt heavy on those movements! It was weird. I struggled to get 2 sets of 10 for my shoulder presses and the third set was 8 reps. My biceps were week bitches this week. I could only do 1 set of 10 reps with the 17.5 pounds! For the second and third sets I did 6-8 reps with the 17.5 pounds and finished out the set with the 15 pound dumbbells, so I’d reach 10 reps total.

Regardless, I still love my workouts and my workout split. I usually finish off each workout with 2 ab exercises for 3 sets of each exercise. I don’t really believe in having a dedicated ab day, it just seems stupid to me. Oh! and I skipped my workout on Tuesday (since I was getting in the swing of things again). Instead of just missing a leg day, I chose to shift my workout days! Pretty much, this week is hell-week because I only get 1 rest day and my body is extra sore this week to top it off.

Have my macros been on point?

Yes and no. Maybe? I was off macros Sunday and Monday since we were in New Jersey and I was a little over macros on Tuesday, too. Other than that, I’ve been perfectly on my macros Wednesday-Saturday (today as I write this)!

I’m not worried about being off macros for 3 days this week, mainly because I’m usually never off macros unless we’re in New Jersey. We also don’t have any cheat meals planned any time soon. So there’s that! Plus I have my next dress alteration appointment on September 15th (3 weeks away). So I might as well be on point with my macros now!

Weekly Conclusion

This week went great! I have no regrets or complaints about my macros or workouts this week and I felt mentally great! I honestly can’t wait at all for our wedding and I’m trying to drink in every moment leading up to the wedding and every dress appointment.

I'm officially in the final 80 days before the wedding so shredding for the wedding is about to get very serious VERY QUICKLY. Here is my weekly update!

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