Shredding For The Wedding: 5 Weeks Out

I’m not even going to apologize for skipping the 6 week weight loss update. It is what it is! If you didn’t read it (which you fucking should have) it’s right here.

How I’m Feeling

Honestly, 6 weeks out and 5 weeks out both feel like a blur. Time is flying by and I’m stupidly excited to marry Trey and our wedding/honeymoon!! At this point I’m just full of fucking excitement. I had my bridal shower and it was magical. Truly a dream. I wish I could relive it!

In terms of weight loss – I’m feeling steady. Some days I feel stable, calm, and like I’m being consistent. Other days I stress about the weight loss and if I’m doing good enough. I think overall, I’m just hard on myself.

Any cravings this week?

This week was period week for me and let me say – the cravings have been real. I think they were a little worse because of the fact that I ate cake 3 days in a row (at my bridal shower which was a Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday). I regret nothing. AT ALL.

Although, I kind of fucked myself over since that made me want more chocolate and random food. I craved sushi this week for 4 days, so Trey and I went out for some sushi! I was technically at maintenance calories on Monday when we went out for sushi because it was a leg day for me – so I earned the sushi pretty much. Not that it matters, food is food – not a reward or punishment.

Other than that I was back to my usual macros for weight loss! I didn’t buy more bread this week since I just wasn’t craving it. I go through phases with food, that’s life. So this week I had days that were higher protein than usual, and other days that were higher fat. It was all just whatever I was craving and whatever was most convenient in the house. Full disclosure – my main cravings were almonds and crunchy peanut butter because of the crunch and convenience.

If I wasn’t munching on almonds, I was having eggs, chicken, tuna, or fruit. (Check out my grocery hauls here if you want to see what I’ve been buying) The general idea was just prioritizing convenience and protein because I struggle to get all my protein for the day. I don’t typically want to drink a protein shake daily, it’s just not for me. I prefer to chew my food and this week I didn’t want to cook all the time so that’s why I didn’t even make anything with protein powder.

Still feeling motivated for the gym?

My gym motivation hasn’t been at the lowest, but also hasn’t been at the highest level. I look forward to the gym, but only if it’s empty or a non-peak hour. So lately, you will not find me in the gym between 4pm and 7pm. I’ve noticed around 3:45 is when people start to steadily trickle in, and by 4:30 it is way too busy for my liking. I’m used to going to the gym around 12 or 1pm, when it is literally empty. Just how I like it. I love being able to super set my exercises, not have to wait for a machine or dumbbells or cables. Is it high maintenance of me? Yes. Am I afforded the luxury of picking the time I go to the gym? Also, yes. So I fully take advantage of off-hours at the gym so I can have the best workouts possible.

When the gym is crowded it just throws off my gym flow. It means I have to be aware of what machines and dumbbells are being used so I don’t accidentally get in somebody’s way, and it means I have to adjust my workouts if somebody is in my way. It’s silly but when my gym motivation is mediocre – it makes a huge difference to be in an empty gym.

Moving on, there isn’t a specific cause for my gym motivation being mediocre lately. I’ve just been pushing hard in the gym for months and months now, so it’s just generally catching up.

What helps give me more gym motivation?

  • Changing up my workout
    • This could mean adding ball slams between sets (since I rarely do them). Maybe changing the order I do machines/my workout. On leg days I usually start with machines, then dumbbells, then cables. So now I start with dumbbells, then machines, then cables. You don’t need to completely change your workout and workout split to keep things interesting in the gym.
  • Keeping my goals in the forefront
    • IE I think about my wedding day and wedding dress. You can’t lose weight last minute, it’s a process you need to be consistent with.
  • Scrolling Instagram or Pinterest
    • I’ll look for different workout videos or ideas in general.
    • Checking out healthy meal or snack options to change up my nutrition.
    • I even look up fitness quotes or people to give me some extra push in the gym.

In the end, I know I’m happy where I’m at for my wedding. It’s not actually about losing more weight – it’s about consistency. It’s about not falling off track when there are only 35-ish days to go. It’s about pushing myself a little more for a little longer because I’ve never looked like this before and my wedding is the best time to push that extra mile.

Any who, that’s my update/rant about how my wedding weight loss and shredding for the wedding is currently going!

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