Shredding for the Wedding: 7 Weeks Out

First off, I fucked up. I wrote my 11 weeks out blog post (it’s here if you’re interested), and I didn’t write another update until now – 7 weeks out. You’ll see why below. To be fair, I’ve been super active on youtube (here’s a link to my channel) and I’ve been uploading once or twice a week all month long. I’d seriously appreciate the support on youtube!

Food & Macros

This week has been intense. I’m not feeling as motivated to eat right because I’m craving a ton of things (Mac and cheese, pizza, rice and beans – the cuban in me is really coming out). Plus, I went out with my family and fiancé for my birthday dinner which was delicious and made me not want to count macros because I just want to take a diet break – but I can’t. I’m 7 weeks out for fucks sake!

I had my second dress fitting this weekend which went PHENOMENAL so I keep trying to think about the next dress fitting (beginning of October) so it gives me some motivation to dig deep. The problem I’m having as I write this is that we’re going back to New Jersey this weekend (after only being home for 4 days) for my bridal shower – which I’m stupidly excited about! Although, in the back of my head I’m just concerned that I’m having another cheat weekend in a row. I don’t go all-out during our time in Jersey, but I definitely did for my birthday dinner and I’ll go all-out at my bridal shower, too (in terms of macros).

I know I’m just being hard on myself and I don’t need to stress about anything because I’m happy where my body is currently at. But I want to push myself more – I’m only getting married once and I want to look better than I thought I could. Which is going to require a lot of pushing through bad days when I want pizza, and being strict even when everyone else around me says “You’re fine. You can eat whatever, it’ll be ok.” We’re almost into October, we’re almost 50 days out from the wedding! NOW is the time to push myself, not get lazy.

Anywho, that’s where I’m at with my macros this week. I had my large cheat day on Sunday for my birthday, I ate right around maintenance on Monday (all intuitively!), and I’ve been good the rest of this week.

The Gym & My Workouts

In terms of my workouts, they’ve felt great but not all at the same time. My lifts have gone up, but I quit cardio 6 minutes into rowing on Wednesday because I just had zero energy. It isn’t like me to have zero energy, and it’s the first time I cut a workout/cardio session short in YEARS. Who am I? Probably just a hangry bride-to-be. I’ll live.

I need to relax

I still need to decide what makeup look I’m doing for my bridal shower, but I’ll get there! I’m just super excited for the bridal shower, I’ll love the makeup no matter what – which is probably why I’m not stressing out about it.

That’s all I have for this week. I’m literally dozing off as I type this out. 7 weeks out from the wedding and all I know is that this week was the first week that was rough. Who knew shredding for the wedding and being 7 weeks out from the wedding would result in me bitching about how I’m lacking energy this week and getting cravings when I almost never have any cravings. Embrace the suck? I guess!

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