What To Do After the Holidays

I’m sure you’ve seen other posts about cleaning up your diet and working out hard after the holidays, maybe creating a new routine? Some people take the approach of “just go back to eating healthy” or “go to the gym every day.” No thank you. (In case you’re new here, I’ve lost over 45lbs, which I highly suggest you read about here). Also, check out my Youtube channel here for some healthy grocery ideas!

Here is what I do every year after the holidays:

Do half of a meal prep (if you typically meal prep)

  • I typically meal prep some protein (chicken), and maybe some veggies or rice, but I keep it in the refrigerator in Tupperware, but I don’t portion things out into meals (lately). So, instead of meal prepping enough of everything for a week, I meal prep enough for 4-5 days and let myself cook something else the other days of the week to give myself some variety.
  • That doesn’t mean I have 2-3 cheat meals/days a week. It means I get to change things up to keep myself excited about my meals.

Don’t stress out about your gym routine

  • It’s not worth stressing yourself out about getting right back to the gym the day after Christmas or New Year. The gym is always going to be there, and your muscles won’t deteriorate if you take 2 extra days off from lifting.

Don’t keep making excuses

  • This might sound counterproductive to everything that I said before, but hear me out. You can’t keep putting off going to the gym, and you can’t keep putting off going back to your normal, healthy eating habits. Every day can’t be a cheat day, and every day can’t be a rest day. You can definitely take it slow, eat on macros for 4 days instead of 5-7, or go to the gym 3-4 times a week instead of 5-6 days a week. You can even start small and just aim to hit 10,000 steps a day.

In the end…

It’s not super serious to get right back into your exact routine. Hell, it might even be hard to get right back into your routine. That’s fine. Just start somewhere.

I started by hitting 10,000 steps a day and being back on macros by prepping enough food for 4 days. Then I started going to the gym 4 times a week instead of 5 days a week. Baby steps.

Now that the holidays are over, what do you do? Jump back into your old routine? Start a new routine? Here’s what I do after every holiday!

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