What To Do When You’re Sad Or In A Funk

I’m not saying I’m an expert in dealing with funks, depression, or sadness. But, I wanted to share my tips. To be brutally honest, this doesn’t help me when I’m upset from an argument. These are tips that help me when I’m feeling sad, in a funk, or off for no real reason.

1. Create a Small To-Do List

I don’t think you need to add a ton of things to your list, but there is something about creating a list and accomplishing tasks that just makes me feel good. So start small, maybe aim to just shower or do a quick face mask. Maybe wipe down your counters or clean something. It doesn’t have to be a whole room or take an hour – it can be as simple as clearing off your nightstand or coffee table so there isn’t any clutter! I definitely enjoy keeping my home and surfaces clutter-free. Maybe your to-do list looks more like just going outside (if possible) and enjoying the sun, or going out and roaming a store! I personally like going to Marshalls, Christmas Tree Shop, or Ross if I feel like I need to leave my house.

2. Try to Think Deeply

Something might be bothering you that you’re subconsciously suppressing. It’s worth exploring and trying to find a solution. This could be anything from “Oh, I’m pms-ing this week. It could just be my hormones.” or it could be something like “It has been gloomy for a few days now and it’s affecting my mood,” which means you’re probably just lacking good-old vitamin D! So if you have supplements, try taking some, or if you can catch some rays of sun – do it!

Those are honestly my 2 most common reasons for feeling like I’m in a funk! Sometimes it goes deeper, like being worried about family or dealing with death.

3. Set the Mood

Here’s what I mean – light a candle! Set your diffusers, if you have any! There is something about delicious smells filling a room or your house. It can be relaxing or invigorating to just smell something delicious depending on the scent.

Honestly, it even helps just seeing a cute candle lit and having the ambient lighting. My diffusers also have lights on them so it’s just an added ambient effect that feels fun and relaxing.

4. Watch Something Funny Or Happy (Or Listen to Happy Music)
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Sometimes you might not want to watch anything, but it’s nice to at least hear something uplifting or funny. You never know if you’ll hear a funny joke that actually makes you chuckle and feel some sort of happiness even if it’s just for a split-second. Even if you don’t feel like searching Netflix or Youtube (here is my channel), you can just put on some happy songs or music to just generally lift the atmosphere for yourself. Maybe you prefer reading? So grab your favorite book and read it! Or you can read more posts from me! I’ll link some here: Milestone Achieved: Down 45 Pounds, Only 10 More To GoMy Weekly(-ish) Healthy Food Staples.

What now..?

These are things that sound simple, but I know it’s not that simple when you’re not feeling like yourself. I’d also add that if you’re an extrovert you might enjoy calling, texting, or spending time with someone. That isn’t usually my jam, so for me I’d rather spend time alone or with my husband. But you get the point, try to take care of yourself mentally! Especially when you feel like you’re in a funk!

This doesn’t mean your funk will be kicked and you’ll be happy. It’ll just help get back to feeling like yourself sooner rather than later. Shit, for me.. sometimes I can only do one of these things, other times reading and article like this one is the most I can do. But it helps. It makes me feel like “Ok, that was helpful and tomorrow I will try to put some of this advice to use.”

The fact that you’re reading this blog post is a step in the right direction to getting out of a funk!

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