Why You Shouldn’t Weigh Yourself

Let’s just start this off by saying – I don’t think the scale is evil. BUT I don’t think you should weigh yourself as much as you think. Hear me out…

I think when you first start your weight loss journey you should definitely weigh yourself. It’ll help you feel like you’re seeing progress because you’ll see the numbers going down (which is awesome).

Here is what happened to me after losing over 50 pounds – I put too much weight (haha) on the number the scale was telling me. Once I hit 128 pounds, it would really affect my mood and my day if I weighed myself and the scale didn’t reflect any weight loss.

I know it’s normal to have weight fluctuations, plateaus, and put on muscle mass (which is heavier than fat, so the scale could stay the same or go up a little). But I was so used to seeing the scale go down that I put the main emphasis of my weight loss success on the scale.

To be fair, my weight loss journey has taken me years for a ton of reasons, but I remember doctors telling me in high school I needed to lose weight and that’s where I started to think the scale was important. And it is to an extent, but you’ll reach a point where the scale doesn’t reflect how healthy you are. 

Regardless, we usually hear more about the scale in relation to health – but I know I rarely heard to not put so much emphasis on the scale.

Now what? How often should I weigh myself?

Start taking measurements of yourself! You might feel like progress is slower when you take measurements (I do at least), but it’s a good tool to mix with the scale (if you want to) because if the scale doesn’t move, you can see if your measurements are moving. You can even take progress pictures, which might feel slow at first but they are so worth it when you put them together!

Also, I personally stopped weighing myself all together. I take progress pictures and keep track of my measurements, so I don’t feel the need to weigh myself. The only times I get weighed is at a doctor’s office, and I honestly don’t like it because I feel like it makes me a little stressed. I start to think “What if my weight is higher than 128? Will it upset me?” So I know I’m not in the best place with the scale, it’s just not for me. After years of focussing on it, I’m enjoying not looking at the scale.

If you feel like the scale affects your mood – try out not weighing yourself for a month! You might enjoy it more than you think. (And if you’re interested, you can keep up with me on Youtube or Instagram). 

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